The brewery – alcohols

La Brasserie – Les Alcools

Kir (cassis, Framboise, Griotte, Pêche de vigne)       5,00€

Pastis 51, Heineken, Perrier, Orangina, Coca Cola, Jus de fruits      5,00€

Suze, Martini, Vin de Noix, Porto, Beaumes de Venise         5,00€

Chivas Regal 12 ans, Jack Daniels, Four Roses, Gin        9,00€

Cognac VSOP , Armagnac, Poire, Chartreuse      9,00€

Chartreuse Verte V.E.P. Cognac XO         13,00€

Evian 1 litre, Vals 1 litre         6,00€

Evian, 1/2 litre,              4,00€

Infusions (verveine, tilleul, menthe)          5,00€

Cafe         2,40€

Tea Mariage Frères       7,00€

Scotch whiskies

  • Glen Moray 12 ans – Speyside Single Malt maturé en fût de chenin blanc 43 °

Golden amber dress, fruity and smooth nose at the same time, note of vanilla and citrus fruits fondues in the starting up. In mouth the attack is rather dry then the malt becomes softer. The set is balanced and trés elegant man with notes of barley malted and of cereal.

  • Ardberg 10 ans – Islay Single Malt non filtré 46°

Straw-colored dress, nose tourbé finely smoked with a certain power. Meaning mouth with an attack marked by the peat and the well structured malted character. The powerful, with long final one smoked.

  • Springbank 12 ans – Campbeltown Single Malt 46,8°

Soft and soft with a bouquet of apricot and honey. Round and soft Trés in mouth with notes of honey and almonds. Trés long final fruity dominated by the sherry. Magnificently complex.

  • Glenfarclas 12 ans – Highlands Single Malt 58,7°

Soft and fruity dry nose. A mouth which starts smoothly before clearing all its aromas with wooded one pronounced in finale.

  • Rosebank 10 ans – Lowlands Single Malt 59 °

In the nose its sweetness and its ravigorante youth delight the spirit. In mouth this malt remains light and calms down. A real pleasure of apéritif.

4 cl : 12,00€

Served dry with a glass of ice water.